My facebook feed has been swamped with friends #flexifitsupermodel posts!

Intrigued, I plugged the hashtag #flexifitsupermodel into my Facebook search box and down tumbled the pages and pages of proud owners and their beautiful ponies. I popped over to Instagram...3028 entries already!

Did you or any of your friends enter the competition? Did you 'like' the Flexible Fit Facebook page or go to their website?

It got me thinking; in business terms was this promotion successful?

I think the answer is most probably YES.

Flexible Fit has used this creative hashtag to help drive engagement and garner attention to their brand.

The goal of posting on Facebook is to have your post shared as many times as possible or in this case have the hashtag posted or followed. It is also important to be able to drive traffic to a website and reinforce brand awareness.

How did they do it?

1. They tapped into our psyche to get the action;

"If you think your horse has what it takes to be the next Flexible Fit Supermodel, post a picture of your horse to our Facebook page and hashtag‪#‎flexifitsupermodel"‬

Of course our horses have what it takes! And what a great opportunity to post pictures of our beloved equine partners.

2. They made the offer enticing to get us motivated - a new bridle (yes please) and a chance to see even more pictures of our beloved equine a national advertising campaign!

3. They did it in a creative way with a catchy hashtag and nice imagery - to get our attention.

People were willing to engage with this promotion on their social media platforms. People generally don't set out to post 'junk' and whatever they do post has their name behind it, it is as though they are standing up and voting for it in a public arena.

I can see even more brand reinforcement in the actual prize - the winner gets a bridle and their horse gets to be in the next Flexible Fit advertising campaign. We proud equine owners wouldn't want to be associated with a product we didn't believe in or respect, therefore by entering this competition we are giving more credence to the brand!

Hmmm, I think my horse needs a new bridle...